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Selfhealer's Tutorial

3 steps to become your own healer - Step 2

Understand and clear physical and energetic blockages

Step Two

  • There is ALWAYS a physical AND an energetic root cause simultaneously


  • Each problem fulfills a purpose


  • Releasing the emotional pain makes the protective mechanism fall away


  • The body always follows the energy field


  • All disorders begin and are visible in the energy field

Ready for Step Three?
Understand and free yourself from Dissociation

Imagine you could


have your inner organs and tissues scanned for possible disorders


have your energy field scanned for emotional wounds or blockages


dissolve unnecessary protective mechanisms and emotional wounds


learn how to let go of trauma and negative emotions


improve your health and the relationship with others and yourself

My name is  Natalia Kalkopf

I can read emotions underneath physical symptoms, see one's energy field and scan the human body similar to an MRI. These abilities help me guide people in overcoming their

physical illnesseses, mental challenges and emotional hardships as well

as achieving a happier and healthier life. After healing myself from

'incurable' illnesses and mastering countless challenges, I'm am here to teach you

how to be your own healer for your body, your relationships with others and yourself.

Book your spot

  • 2h session + 1 month Healing Hub for FREE (pay €224 or 2x €115=€230)

    2 hr

    224 Euro

Be your own healer! Let me show you how!

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