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All About me

All About Me

Heal how you feel and your body will heal.

~ Natalia Kalkopf

We all have a story. Mine begins with unconsious living on the edge. I was a good student and a good daughter. During high school my main focus was dancing and training and so, next to working a job after school all of my free time I spent doing just that. I was ALWAYS busy. Even the sacred moments of serenity in a sauna all by myself, were used by me to choreograph the next dance class I was about to teach that night in my head. If you asked me how I managed all the work load I had, I would tell you that I was a damn good pusher. Limits? Are there any? Needs? Paah, they can wait! The constant exhaustion dulled my perception of what my body needed except sleep, which I never gave enough of either.

My symptoms started interfering with my life when I was 15, right after getting a third round of antibiotics for, which I found out later, was a viral condition, with a big boom of a 3 month period of debilitating head aches and brain fog. Don't get me wrong. I remeber getting huge syringes of whatever as a really small kid and some other unpleasant things but it was only now that my health status really started bothering me. I was slowly shifting from an always smiling, energetic, full of life type of girl to an always tired and in pain type of creature whose main goal was to survive school and later stay alive through training.

Doctors' "Your completely healthy!" and friends' and family's "If there was something wrong with, they would have found it." as well as "Pull yourself together" statements made me doubt my own sensations, so that whenever the pain in my body and head went up a notch or two, it was just me, myself and I under a blanket and some hope that it would be over soon.

At 24, right after another intense workout, I came home, collapsed on my bed and that was it. I went from being a Psychology student, dancer, choreographer and trainer to crawling on all four to the bathroom and not being able to lift my arms all in one day. Again, doctors were clueless. This time, I knew I wasn't exeggarating nor would I dissapear under my blanket and wait til it got better. I couldn't function anymore! My life came to a halt.

Long story short, I said "F*ck it!" sat down and did the research (I mean, Psychologist here!). The conventional medicine approach was "We don't know about the cause of this condition. But it is not curable and it is permanent. Here, some pain killers and steroids." That didn't sit well with me. No matter how bad of a lifestyle I had before that, I just knew that there must be a way to heal from it. So, I searched for answers and I found ways that were promising.

I changed my nutrition, my thinking and my life pretty much and I slowly started getting better. It took me approximately one year to get rid of the chronic condition called Fibromyalgia, though I was still experiencing some symptoms that came way before that. Even though that condition was mainly dealt with by using pain killers and Psychotherapy, I learned that this condition was definitely also physical in nature and that one could not cure it by doing Psychotherapy alone.

Realizing I could heal myself, right after finishing my Psychology degree (B.Sc.), I proceeded with an alternative medical school to become a naturopath (Heilpraktiker in Germany). As a Psychologist who now understood the physical and medical nature of a somatoform disease that Fibromyalgia was seen as, I wanted a holistic approach to help people with similar issues! That and further training, countless courses, seminars, sessions etc. later, with time, I turned my passion for natural healing using nutrition and mindset into my dream business and was happy to follow my bliss.

But that would be to easy, right? Exactly. That's why old patterns emerged and the self-sabotaging Natalia was hustling day and night once more, leading to some old hidden health issues come to the surface and in form of an autoimmune bomb that detonated and made me face severe flare ups of Multiple Sklerosis, Hashimoto and the Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrom and countless more symptoms all at once, now at 30. If I thought the first break down was bad, this one was horrific. Endgame at it's finest!

Feeling my life crumble, since I could not work, nor walk or breath properly, I trusted that it had a purpose and that it would be a blessing in disguise. So, I dove deeper into medicine and Psychology and came up with an understanding of autoimmune disease that hadn't been taught at medical schools. Every question had an answer and I was ready to receive mine. This time, it took me 2 years to be free of flare ups altogether and today I can proudly state that these diagnoses no longer apply to me!

Was it a tough ride? Definitely! Was it worth it? Absolutely!

I've seen it from the inside. Issues and dots that aren't connected enough in convential nor in alternative medicine or Psychology. This whole experience challenged me to the core and pushed me beyond everything I believed about myself.

Today, I educate clients all over the world about their bodies and the steps they need to undertake to improve their mental, emotional and physical health.

I want you to know that I feel you. I hear you. I see you. Your symptoms are not in your head. And I also want you to know that you too, can heal yourself.

Love and Light,


My Approach

The human body holds infinite wisdom and complexity. In order to heal, one needs to embrace both the physical components like nutrition, lifestyle, environment and the non-physical components like thoughts and emotions.

My goal is to educate my clients about the intertwined processes that happen in their body on the one hand, and to build an identity of the person they seek to become on the other.

The inner work we accomplish together during sessions gets supported through nutritional changes and an understanding of their condition. Take a look at my services and let's find out how I can help you heal yourself.

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