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Become your

own health expert

Join the 12-week

Intention, focus & Consistency

Signature Framework

Healing oneself is truly a multifaceted endeavour that encompasses all levels of one's being: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual bodies. Within my signature framework of Intention, Focus & Consistency, together with my client, we embark on a healing journey of life-changing transformation that incorporates all levels.

If you are deeply committed to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing and are looking for an approach that is molded to your needs, the Premium Mentorship Program will be a great fit for you!

Why choose the PMP?

It took me years to heal myself from several debilitating health issues. While they were deemed not curable at all (and it was quite an accomplishment to overcome all that), there was still a lot of trial and error on my journey that cost me time, money and energy.

I’ve learned. I’ve adapted. I’ve grown in my knowledge and understanding of my abilities. If I’d known back then what I know now, healing myself would have been a matter of a few months.

It is my intention to help you go the most efficient route, because time is precious and our hearts and minds seek clarity and peace.


You deserve to go from merely functioning to thriving! The Premium Mentorship Program was designed for those in mind who are ready and willing to step into their self-healer shoes and transform their health and emotional wellbeing faster, easier and more manageable, accompanied by lasting results.

Instead of going on for many more years trying to find the answers that you’re looking for, this program provides you with ground-breaking medical and psychological insights, life-changing tools and techniques and the support you need to make deep transformation happen.

Work smarter, not harder.

“Every illness or negative pattern fulfills a purpose. If the purpose gets resolved,
the illness or pattern can finally begin to dissipate”

This program has the potential to make the cause, the purpose and the solution visible. You will not only learn to understand your body’s language but also communicate with it and take care of its needs in the best way possible.


In this program you will also learn how to read and interpret your own energy and direct it in your favor. Together, we will dissolve inner dissonance and go from inner chaos to peace. The techniques taught here are supposed to support you a life time.

How will the PMP help me?

Your body, mind & heart

The PMP was created to self-empower people on their healing journey through deep understanding and knowledge, self-regulation and long-lasting habit change. You are your own driving force behind your transformation. And, in order to be one, even if you are not there just yet, it is of paramount importance to gain a fundamental understanding of physical and psychological mechanics and functions.

Don’t you think that it is more valuable to not only know what you should be doing but also WHY? Understanding why your body shows symptoms will help you make informed decisions even long after you’ve finished this program. Understanding and directing your mind will help you resolve subconscious self-sabotage and achieve brilliant results. The self-regulation techniques you’re going to acquire, will help you dissolve mental distress and emotional wounds you didn’t even know were decelerating your life.

Your mental load is a tough one to handle? We will dissect many parts of it and find ways to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

“Our current state is the result of the choices we’ve made and the actions we took.” - NK
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In this program, we will deep dive into patterns in your life that are not conducive to your ideal image of Self and learn how to build new ones that are in alignment with your goals.

In my 11 years of helping people with their health and emotions, I’ve come to work both from the body and the psyche perspective. As a medical intuitive, my work is not just based on facts and knowledge but is also accompanied by a lot of energetic reading and dissolving. I am not the healer. I’m merely the guide who reminds you that you are a healer yourself.

Based on my experience with my clients, working from both sides with “Intention, Focus & Consistency” provides the best results.

What does the PMP include?

All that you need to heal

  • 2h introductory clarity call

  • A customized set up of the signature “Intention, Focus & Consistency” framework designed to facilitate an alignment between your mind, your actions and your identity

  • Access to the Holistic Healing Hub for 12 months - a plattform brimming with tools, techniques and resources

    • provides a solid understanding of fundamental know-how about your body and your mind (extraordinary insights guaranteed!)

    • value packed video tutorials and audio trainings

    • elaboration of the Intention, Focus & Consistency Framework that will keep you committed and in alignment with your vision

    • ongoing journaling prompts

    • brain wave tuning - reprogramming of the subconscious mind using binaural beats and frequencies including audio files

    • mindblowing toolbox of psychological hacks to make your subconscious work FOR you, not ‘seemingly’ against you

  • Comprehensive personalized nutrition plan and supplement guide (“Be your own healer” roadmap)

    • "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." --> nutrition plan customized to your current personal needs and goals -> food is used as medicine both for physical ailments and psychological challenges like burnout, depression, anxiety, etc.
    • personalized supplement guide for rapid improvement that gets adjusted as we go
  • Resolve emotional wounds and energy blockages in 1:1 sessions

    • Weekly 2h calls alternating between “Heal your body”
      type of calls and “Inner Shift Intensives” comprising both a more
      physical approach
      and a more energetic ones

    • Additional weekly 30 min windows available for questions over voice messaging

    • Continuous support and feedback on detox symptoms
      and strategy adjustment or emotional recalibration respectively

  • Self-balancing techniques for nervous system regulation


Learn the real cause of your health issues and emotional challenges

Get access to the Holistic Healing Hub - a platform brimming with tools, techniques and resources

Become the master of your emotions and your health

Receive a comprehensive personalized nutrition plan and supplement guide

Resolve emotional wounds and energy blockages in weekly
1:1 sessions

Join the
Premium Mentorship Program

Book a free call today!

Your investment

Let's find out how we can work together to make your dreams become reality!
Book a free clarity call!
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  • Premium Mentorship Program clarity call

    30 min


The PMP is reserved for people who

Ready to heal?

  • are tired of being sick and tired and crave drastic change
  • know what it means to hop from one doctor or mentor to the next without getting the answers that they need and with little to no improvement
  • are ready to take the reigns for their physical and emotional wellbeing into their own hands and just need clarity, a guiding light and a support system to fall back upon
  • have tried so much yet the results were so little
  • are willing to deep dive into their inner world to overcome their emotional distress and/or physical ailments - no worries, I'll safely guide you through it!

  • are excited to learn how to understand their body and mind

  • know that healing means committment to oneself

  • don't have the time for detours

  • are struggling with (chronic) health issues and or emotional challenges no one seems to understand or be able to explain to you

  • either just started out on their healing journey or already are seasoned self-healers who wish to fine tune their approach for easier and faster healing

  • are too overwhelmed by mental load to either start or keep up their transformation on their own

  • would love ongoing assistance in order to achieve their health and happiness goals faster, easier and smarter

  • are ready for an ongoing personal approach with a deep understanding of their situation

What others have to say about working with Natalia


Dear Natalia,
I would like to thank you very much for your work with me! You have improved my
thinking, how I deal with feelings and my health (mental & physical).
Through you I was able to breathe again, emotionally. I can even say my depressive state was gone. You have guided me through my dark corners and explained in an understandable way how to get out of it and what the negativity and darkness do to us and our health. I also learned that nutrition and emotions (the mental "I") are essential for our physical health. I was finally able to understand certain things because you explained them patiently and in a plausible way. I thank you for your patience, for your knowledge and competence, but most of all thank you for the the LIGHT you give me every time. After your coaching sessions I feel light, alive, positive and motivated. You have accepted me as I am and never judged me! With you I feel safe and loved. Your work and your knowledge and gift are remarkable and worth its weight in gold. Through you, many things that were inexplicable to me before, started to make sense. I have always felt understood and well-received. You are a ray of sunshine!

In deepest gratitude


PS. Because of your nutritional advice and recommendations of supplements I got my long-awaited wish fulfilled - our little daughter was born on 22.10.2021. You accompanied me through the pregnancy and gave me courage and hope, calmed me down and made me trust in myself....

Olga R., Germany

Randall Johns, NY

Start transforming your life today


  • How do I enroll in the PMP?
    Select "Enroll Now" Choose the date for your initial 2h appointment and hit "Book Now" Fill in your personal data and select "Choose a plan" and choose between a one-time payment or 3 monthly installments. Complete the booking process by paying via PayPal or credit card You will receive an email with the Zoom link for the first appointment and another email access to the Holistic Healing Hub - the platform behind the PMP
  • How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?
    The Premium Mentorship Program starts with your first 2h Introductory Call. By booking your first call, you will automatically get access to the PMP Holistic Healing Hub that will be accessable for 18 months from there on.
  • What is the difference between booking several "Heal your body" or "Inner Shift" Intensives and this Mentorship Program?
    The Intensives are singular sessions or consultations targeting either the physical body or the inner world, designed to give people a basic understanding and skills to begin their healing journey in the right direction. They do not, however, hold the position to deliver an ongoing support that is capable to give a safe container that encompasses all facets crucial to holistic healing. The PMP, on the other hand, includes both the physical and the non-physical (mental, emotional, energetic) approaches combined with a broad net of resources and tools as well as comprehensive personalized plans and guides. This program allows a deep going connection with inner processes while always checking and correcting the current physical state. The program was designed to educate, resolve inner wounds, recalibrate the energetic output and build long-lasting habits for a happier and more vibrant life. The main objective of this 3 month container is you becoming your own health expert.
  • Is there a guarantee that I will get results?
    As with all undertakings that are based on personal engagement and commitment, the success of this program heavily depends on your input and hence can't promise any guarantees. Naturally, one main pillar of this program is the goal to make it as easy and manageable for you as possible to get the most out of it. However, the knowledge base and techniques you are going to acquire were created to serve a life time. Even if you can't implement all of it 100% within the 3 month period, you will acquire the tools and techniques to draw on at any time in the future. Plus, after the 3 month container with personal support, you will still have access to the materials for another 16 months (altogether 18 months).
  • I still have more questions. How can we get in touch?
    If there are still questions open or you're not quite sure yet if committing to the Premium Membership Program is the right choice for you, I invite you to book a free 20 min Clarity Call with me. I'll be happy to provide you with any information needed and help you decide if this program is the right fit for you. This program is built on close cooperation between the client and myself, and therefore, the decision to commit from both sides must be grounded in clear communication and connection. Alternatively, you can shoot me an email and I will be happy to help.

About Me

A Medical Intuitive, Psychologist and Holistic Health Coach who helps others heal from physical, mental and emotional discomfort and pain. I've been there myself - chronically sick, desperate and in pain. Hitting rock bottom, losing and then finding myself again and curing the incurable (Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Hashimoto), emporewed me to tap into my own abilities, own who I truly was and step into health, happiness and prosperity. Now, on a mission to teach others how to heal themselves, I empower people on an international level to step into their wellbeing and greatness.

Ready to heal those hidden layers of yourself? I can't wait to support you on your journey to more health and wellbeing!

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