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My own health journey lead me to the depth of a much deeper understanding of symptoms, their cause and their meaning. No matter who I work with, I see it in everyone:

Medical symptoms are physical manifestations of emotional wounds or imprints. While some symptoms can be healed through a change in nutrition, lifestyle or exercise, others can't be healed fully until the emotional imprints underneath are seen, felt and released.

I'm happy to see you here

It means that you are one of those who seek to understand the deeper layers of your body, mind and health.

While the “Heal Your Body Intensive” focuses on the physical causes and explanations of someone’s symptoms and the healing journey through nutrition and supplementation, the “Inner Work Intensive” goes beyond the physical and there is nothing else you need except yourself. In these Inner Sessions, I read the emotional wounds that are the root cause of a physical problem that just won’t heal or a situation that keeps rising up and challenging my client emotionally or mentally. Thanks to my ability to scan the body with my eyes closed, I “see” what is causing a problem on the physical level and see as well as sense the original emotional wound or imprint as I call it, that lays underneath it. I then walk my clients through a process that enables them to release trauma of any kind - either from this or previous lives - and shift their vibration, so that their energetic imprint shifts and they can finally heal on all levels.

This approach goes both for physical ailments and mental and emotional challenges alike. Together, we release subconsious blockages, reprogram the conscious and subconscious mind, let go of emotional challenges and open the body for physical healing as well. Expect huge insights and a better understanding of yourself and your life. You are you own healer! I’m just holding the space for you and walking you through the process.

If you’re excited to heal inside out and pivot your life and your health to a new, vibrant future, click the link below and I will be happy to support you in this endeavour.

The Inner Shift intensive is for you if

  • you’re ready to learn the underlying (non-physical) root causes of your illness or symptoms

  • you’re struggling with symptoms that just won’t heal despite doing so much

  • you’re struggling emotionally, mentally or physically

  • you’re seeking to understand why certains patterns and situations keep repeating themselves

  • you’re trying to improve your relationship(s)

  • you’re ready to step into more freedom, abundance and joy by releasing what’s holding you back

  • you’re willing to release negative emotions like anger, pain, sadness, self-hatred, grief, guilt, shame, anxiety etc.

  • you’re ready to cleanse and stregthen your energy field

Start healing inside out.

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  • 2h session + 1 month Healing Hub for FREE (pay €224 or 2x €115=€230)

    224 Euro

This is what you get

  • The mindblowing experience on what it means to finally release what has been bothering you for years or decades - This is the relief and freedom you’ve been looking for!

  • Clarity on what the root cause of your problem is and how to free yourself from it - Clarity gives peace!

  • The skills to do that by yourself in the future - You’ll learn how to be your own healer!

  • The tools to shift your vibration/ energy - That’s self-empowerment and a confidence boost at its finest!

  • The understanding how your subconscious works and how to make it work for instead of against you - You learn to be more in alignment with yourself!

  • The sense of finally feeling safe in your body and your life - That’s when we start to live up to our highest potential.

  • The shift to enable deep healing you have been longing for!

Make your mind and emotions work for you, not against you!

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Press the booking button and choose a date and a time that suits you. Make sure that you have a buffer of at least 30 min afterwards as you would want some time for yourserlf after the Intensive.


you'd like to work on. If you can't make up your mind, we will pick what resonates the most.



After the Intensive: Write down your insights and check out the Inner Shift Healing Hub for inspiration on how to proceed.



After completing your payment, you will get a confirmation email with a Zoom link and the access to your Inner Shift Healing Hub.


For the Intensive, make sure you have some privacy, so that you can lay down and speak freely. Use headphones in order to have your hands free and your body relaxed.

Start transforming your life today

  • 2h session + 1 month Healing Hub for FREE (pay €224 or 2x €115=€230)

    224 Euro

Vanessa W.

I would like to say a big thank you to you. I had the first session with you yesterday and you have touched me incredibly in many different ways. You've guided me wonderfully and instructed me to fare well with myself better on the inside. Your way of working is unique and you have the right feeling to address exactly those points that are deep inside you and keep you busy. The trust in you was there immediately and your way of working is very sensitive and just right. I will definitely book another session with you and can only recommend you to everyone who has inner blockages, because you have the ability to solve them together with the person concerned.

Thank you very much for your help and best regards, Vanessa. Keep up the good work 👍🏻


About Me

A Medical Intuitive, Psychologist and Holistic Health Coach who helps others heal from physical, mental and emotional discomfort and pain. I've been there myself - chronically sick, desperate and in pain. Hitting rock bottom, losing and then finding myself again and curing the incurable (Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Hashimoto), emporewed me to tap into my own abilities, own who I truly was and step into health, happiness and prosperity. Now, on a mission to teach others how to heal themselves, I empower people on an international level to step into their wellbeing and greatness.

Ready to heal those hidden layers of yourself? I can't wait to support you on your journey to more health and wellbeing!

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